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Client: DONG Energy

Type: Infographic design and guidelines

DONG Energy is a focused energy company with a strong profile in renewables. They are one of the greenest energy companies in the world and wants to lead the transformation to renewable energy. DONG Energy are actively contributing to creating a world where people can use energy as a natural part of their everyday lives without the risk of climate change and limiting the opportunities for future generations.

Guide to Sustainia

Client: Monday Morning / Sustainia

Type: Identity and book design

Sustainia is an international alliance of international organizations and companies working to create sustainable growth. Its work is driven by a shared goal to identify and elevate existing sustainable solutions and mature markets for sustainable products and services. By promoting sustainable solutions already available across sectors and markets, Sustainia makes sustainability more tangible and easier to grasp for decision makers, executives and citizens. An example of this is the Guide to Sustainia that give the reader a tour around sustainable cities, homes, energy and transportation sectors.

Color and space

Client: Jotun Group

Type: Infographic viral campaign

With: Mie Frey Damgaard

Jotun is one of the world's leading decorative paints brand. They have extracted color statistics from Pintrest, the rapidly growing content sharing platform effecting millions of consumers' decoration decisions, to inspire their customers in their color selection process. The data visualizations are showing peoples relationship between colour and space in specific household areas.

Client: INDEX: Design to improve life

Type: Infographic elements for INDEX: Awards

INDEX: Design to Improve Life is a Danish NPO with global reach. Their vision is a world of far better solutions designed to improve life for people. By means of INDEX: Award – the biggest design award in the world – INDEX: Award Exhibitions, Design to Improve Life Education, Design to Improve Life Investment and Design to Improve Life Partnerships, they Inspire, Educate and Engage in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges.

Infographics in context

Type: Conceptual research project

The project deals with data from a list of the social related interests of the Danish people. The list is the result of an opinion poll from a major consultancy company in Denmark. The visuals use the context of specific opinion polls within each interest to shape and design diagrams. By doing so the receiver understands more layers of information about the data.

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